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Announcing the IMG_3320aFeldenkrais® FITNESS Program (Earn Professional CEU’s)

Create Fit Minds & Fit Bodies In This Two Day Course

Our Feldenkrais Fitness Program is for anyone who wants to move well, feel fantastic and live longer. This dynamic mind-body approach to health, fitness, learning and self-discovery is based on the work of Donna Ray and Rich Goldsand, both certified Feldenkrais Practitioners with many years of experience.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, who was a physicist, engineer and judo master, developed the Feldenkrais Method which consists of two basic techniques, Awareness Through Movement (ATM) and Functional Integration (FI). Together they comprise an educational movement system that creates brain fitness and body fitness. that can dramatically improve individual performance and functioning by increasing self-awareness and facilitating new patterns of thinking, moving, feeling and behaving.

Moshe Feldenkrais-Make your training a habit. If you choose a convenient time, you will be6C23 able to abide by regular exercises. If you make it difficult, you will soon find a-hundred-and-one alternatives instead. Occasionally break the regularity. Do not make your habit a compulsion.”

Margaret Mead, Ph.D., Anthropologist The Feldenkrais® Method is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration and function.”

If you are interested in participating in a three and a half year long (160 days) Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program please Contact Us for more information

ptWhat are Professionals saying about Feldenkrais...

Physicians Andrew Weil, M.D., Author of "Spontaneous Healing.

Physical Therapists Sandy Burkhart, Ph.D., PT, CFP, Functional Rehab Associates, Boca Rotan, FL.

Occupational Therapists Marjorie Levine, OTR, CFP, Providence Hospital Home Health Care, Farmington Hills, MI.

Fitness Trainers Rich Manuccia, Fitness & Sports Athletic Trainer.

Psychotherapists Donna Ray, MA, MFT.

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